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La mer

Large Tides

Tide is coming !

The tide comes at the speed of a galloping horse. Myth or reality ?

During a walk around the Mont Saint-Michel, I will take you to see the tide coming in complete safety.

A wave is formed called 'The Tidal Bore' in which we will set foot

We are surprised by the power of the sea.
A unique and unexpected spectacle.

Walk around then Mont Saint-Michel
Meeting: 15 minutes before departure
Meeting and return: Entrance to Mont Saint-Michel

Duration: 2 hours with commentary
Level: Easy 4km
Rivers: No crossing or few

Coucher de soleil dans la Baie du Mont Saint Michel

A unique and unexpected spectacle






Adult: 35€
Child: 20€


The Mont Saint-Michel



Around the Mont Saint-Michel



See the tide coming

Put your feet in the The Tidal Bore

Take 45 minutes before the appointment time
from the Mont Saint-Michel car parks

30 to 45 minutes
by shuttle


30 to 45 minutes
by shuttle

Meet 15 minutes before departure
Capacity 40 people maximum

Please note: Outings in the Bay require good physical condition.
Any physical contraindication to sustained walking should be taken into account.
The guide gives himself the right to refuse to accompany someone in the bay, with safety in mind.
The guide cannot be held responsible for any related incident.

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